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Federal Court Again Halts FCC Plan to Regulate Intrastate ICS Rates
Global Tel*Link
March 24, 2016

GTL Files for Emergency Relief from FCC’s Last Minute ‘Conjuring’ of Intrastate ICS Rate Regulation
Global Tel*Link
March 18, 2016

New ICS Rules Put on Hold in Global Tel*Link v. FCC
Global Tel*Link
March 7, 2016

GTL Continues Process of Appeal of FCC Order by Filing Stay in U.S Court of Appeals
Global Tel*Link
January 29, 2016

GTL Begins Process of Appeal of FCC Order Affecting the Inmate Calling Services Market
Global Tel*Link
Dec 21, 2015

Global Tel*Link Expresses Grave Concern with Proposed FCC Decision on Inmate Calling Services
Global Tel*Link
Oct 22, 2015

Class Action

Ventura County added to lawsuit involving jail phone call fees
Ventura County Star
February 17, 2016

County sued over jail calls, accused of taking ‘kickbacks’
The Desert Sun
January 28, 2016

FCC Appeal

State Officials Go to Court to Challenge FCC Cap on Inmate Phone Call Fees
Oklahoma Watch
January 29, 2016

Rutledge Seeks to Challenge Costly FCC Order
Office of the Attorney General of Arkansas
February 24, 2016

Oklahoma appeals cap on inmate phone calls
News Channel 4
February 3, 2016

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